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Conquer the MBE.

Quimbee's week-long intensive course will help you pass the MBE, which counts for 50% of your bar exam score—all for just $499.

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Here's what you'll get when you use Quimbee MBE Review:

MBE Quiz 2

Real, licensed MBE questions.

Study more than 1,200 real, licensed MBE questions from past bar exams, plus Quimbee’s own sample question bank.

Try our free MBE practice questions

Diagnostic exams and performance stats.

You'll begin the course by taking a 100-question diagnostic exam to help you gauge your preparedness for the MBE. You'll spend the rest of the course drilling through MBE practice questions and finish with a test run of the MBE (200 questions administered in two, three-hour sessions).

MBE Diagnostic 2
Book MBE Strategy Guide

MBE Strategy Guide.

When you purchase Quimbee MBE Review, you'll get access to Quimbee's MBE Strategy Guide. The guide covers topics such as what the MBE is, which subjects it covers, how to narrow down the correct answer choice, and how to properly budget your time.

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MBE outlines, in print and digital.

Quimbee Outlines are perfectly tailored to the official NCBE subject-matter outlines for the MBE, so you can be confident you're studying what's important. You choose the reading experience. Print option available at checkout.

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Book MBE Outlines
MBE Calendar 2

All your tasks. One calendar.

The calendar is the backbone of your course. It's what keeps you grounded. When you complete your tasks for the day, we'll mark that day complete on the calendar. Thanks to the calendar, you'll always know exactly what you should be doing and when.

Track your performance.

We use the NCBE's topic weightings and your performance on multiple-choice questions to show you exactly where you stand, so you’ll know the most important bar topics to study.

MBE Performance 2

Quimbee’s got you covered. Now available in all MBE states and territories.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How is Quimbee MBE Review structured?

Quimbee MBE Review is a week-long intensive program. You’ll begin the course by learning about key strategies for passing the MBE. Next, you’ll take a diagnostic practice exam made up of real, licensed MBE questions, which allows our system to build out practice quizzes for you designed to help you build your skills in the most important bar exam topics for which you have the least proficiency. You’ll spend the next few days concentrating almost exclusively on drilling through MBE practice questions and reviewing the answer explanations. Your MBE review course will culminate with a simulated MBE—200 questions administered over two, three-hour sessions in a single day. By the time you’re done, you’ll feel confident and ready to own the MBE.

Day 1MBE strategy
Day 2Initial diagnostic exam
Day 3Intensive MBE question practice and review
Day 4Intensive MBE question practice and review
Day 5Intensive MBE question practice and review
Day 6Simulated MBE
Day 7Final Review

Who is Quimbee MBE Review for?

Our MBE prep course is perfect for anyone who:

  • wants to supplement a state-specific or comprehensive bar review course
  • is a current law student who wants to get an early jump on prepping for the bar exam
  • is a licensed attorney looking to brush up before sitting for the bar in another state
  • didn’t pass a previous bar exam and needs only to review the MBE section

When should I take the Quimbee MBE Review?

Our online MBE prep course is on-demand, so you can take it anytime you want. We recommend that you take our course as close as you can to your scheduled bar exam (ideally within four weeks of your exam date).

Can I rely on Quimbee MBE Review to prepare me for the entire bar exam?

No. Quimbee MBE Review is intended to prepare you for the MBE (i.e., the multistate section) only. This course will not prepare you for the essay, skills, or any state-specific portions of the bar exam. You should ensure that you are prepared for these areas of the bar exam, either by purchasing a complete bar review course (like Quimbee Bar Review) or studying on your own.

What if I fail the MBE?

We guarantee you’ll pass the MBE, or you’ll get to retake our course for free. This means that you can retake our course as many times as you need to pass.

I already bought a full bar review course; do I need Quimbee MBE Review?

In a word, yes! The MBE generally counts for 50% of your total score on the bar exam. This means that the MBE is, by far, the most important part of the test. Not a single minute of time you spend preparing to take the MBE is wasted. Quimbee’s MBE course will focus exclusively on helping you develop the skills and strategies you’ll need to ace the MBE.

What is the Multistate Bar Examination (MBE)?

The MBE is a 200 question, multiple-choice test administered over six hours that typically accounts for 50% of your bar exam score. The MBE was created by the NCBE and is purchased by participating state bar examiners. The MBE is administered twice per year (February and July) on a single day of the bar examination in every state and U.S. jurisdiction, except Louisiana, and tests on seven subjects: civil procedure, constitutional law, contracts, criminal law and procedure, evidence, torts, and real property.

Be 100% prepared for the bar exam with the best MBE course online.

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